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SMP18-Tub Four Standard Mount CoverLifte

• Made in North America 

• Limited Lifetime Warranty 

• Aluminum Brackets 

• Galvanized Arms  ​

• Side or Deck Mount 

• Deck Mount on Round Spas 

• Extensions Available 

• Max Cover Width: 109"

• Clearance Required: 10-14" & 5" on the Side 

SMP18-Tub Four Standard Mount CoverLifte

Ultralift's Standard Mount hot tub cover lifter lets you adjust the open cover height to your preference - high for greater privacy or low for a less obstructed view. You can mount the brackets high on the side of your spa so your cover enhances privacy, or low on the spa side or on the deck to store the cover behind your spa.

SMP18-Tub 4-29 (On White) FNL.jpg
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