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SMP23-UltraLift Swim Spa CoverLifter Ful

Crafted in North America, the Aqualift emerges as the long-awaited solution for swim spa cover lifting. Equipped with 440 pounds of hydraulic support at both ends, the Aqualift transforms the task of opening and closing your bi-fold covers into an effortless experience for either side of your swim spa. Its innovative features encompass a patented d-tube center pole design for precise torque control and an automatic stopper, elevating its functionality to the next level. Plus, the Aqualift boasts the added benefit of requiring no drilling into your spa cabinet, making it a truly hassle-free choice.

• Made in North America 

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

• Aluminum Brackets 

• 220lb Dual Gas Shocks
• Positions Fully Behind Swim Spa 
• Designed Specifically for Swim Spas

• Bi-Fold Cobv
• Engineered with an Automatic Stopper 
• Max Cover Width 98”
• Clearance: 24-28” from the back/ 8.5” side


SMP23-UltraLift Swim Spa CoverLifter Closed (White Bckgrnd) VRN2 Image3425 FNL.jpg
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