The Visionlift is one-of-a-kind. Using a dual shock system, it lifts the cover and places it behind the tub- providing the user with a clean visual line- allowing the hot tub user to see their backyard, socialize with guests and keep an eye on any children or pets while using their hot tub.

The Visionlift provides a full 360-degree view. 

A TRULY 360 degree view- not a partial wall. Our lifter drops down to the ground giving you a panoramic view from your tub.




• 5 Year Limited Warranty 
• Aluminum Brackets
• Galvanized Arms
• Position's Hottub cover fully below the tub
• Operation Assistance:  Dual Gas Shocks
• Clearance Required 10-14" Rear/5"Side
• Sliding bracket fits most every make/model of hot tub
•Open or close on either side using a padded handle





  CLICK HERE to Watch Video Instructions  CLICK HERE for our Mount Comparison Chart 



Our Visionlift actually drops your cover right to the ground- so to help protect your cover- we also offer VisionPADS that slip right under the cabinet!