Conversion Kit

There are two Ultralift Conversion Kits.

1. Add Hydraulic lift-assist to your Ultralift Standard Mount cover lifter.


If your Ultralift Standard Mount Lifter is mounted at the top edge of your tub or spa, use the HM Conversion Kit to add lift-assist.  The HM Conversion Kit includes two gas springs, clamps, cover hooks and appropriate hardware to allow you to benefit from the same features as our Ultralift Hydraulic Mount.  Because of the mounting requirement, the opened cover cannot drop below the top of the spa, in effect acting as a privacy screen.



2. Convert your Ultralift Standard Mount into an Ultralift Under Mount.


Use the HM Conversion Kit tomake your Ultralift Standard Mount Lifter into an Under Mount Lifter. The Under Mount Conversion Kit supplies wide brackets that slide under your hot tub so nothing needs to be drilled into the side of the tub or spa skirt. The Under Mount Conversion Kit is used WITH the hardware and other parts supplied with the Standard Mount lifter, and simply replaces the mounting brackets. Using the Under Mount installation ensures that your open cover sits lower behind your tub. Perfect if you don't want to drill attachments into the side of your tub.